Monday, 17 September 2012

Weekly Meal Plan #10

Happy Monday everyone! There's a bit of a change to this weeks meal plan. Not to the plan itself, but the timing of it. I normally start my meal plan on a Friday, because that's the day I shop, but we've had an absolutely lovely weekend, and I didn't look at my meal plan at all! So it's starting today, on a Monday. I'm able to structure it as a normal week now, yay!
On Friday night we had pizza, (NOT on the meal plan) then Saturday we went out fishing so I made the kids cheese toasties when we got home (again, not planned!) then yesterday we had a lovely big BBQ family lunch (which was a lovely surprise from hubby as he picked up the things for it on the way home from work. We set up the slip and slide for the kids and had a beautiful afternoon together). So dinner was eggs on toast for the kids because no one was really hungry and everyone was very tired! And hubby and I had THIS:

Super yummy mudcrab caught on Saturday when we were fishing. I cooked it up with garlic and chilli and it was divine! 

So, starting the meal plan from today! Which means that because I plan for 14 meals a fortnight, it will stay Monday-Sunday from now on. Here we go!

Monday - Macaroni Beef - which I will take a photo of tonight and update the recipe with it!

Tuesday - Tuna and Pineapple Casserole (recipe to come this week!)

Wednesday - Slow cooked chicken, bacon and potato bake.

Thursday - Tomato sausages and vegies (recipe coming this week!)

Friday - Honey chicken and rice

Saturday - Baked beans on toast

Sunday - Slow cooked roast beef with vegies and gravy

So that's it for this week! A catch up post from the last few days of the cleaning challenge will be up soon. 

Have a lovely week,


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