Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Cleaning and Organising Challenge - catch up post!

Hello! Are you sitting down with a cuppa? This post may be a little bit long. I'm catching up on about four days worth of cleaning challenges!! Luckily, I'll mostly be linking you to previous posts I've done on my blog because I've already covered most of it before. I have been keeping up with the challenge though, and my house is looking lovely for it! 
If you're new here and are wondering what I'm talking about, you can find out more information on the cleaning and organising challenge over at The Organised Housewife and can still join in!

Now, where were we up to? Oh dear. Only day 6. Well, let's do some catching up.

DAY 7  - Cleaning the fridge. This was the main task for the day, I've already covered how I clean the fridge here. It's not the most fun task in the world, but it is one that's fairly quick to do. Also on the challenge was to declutter your cookbooks, which thankfully I did when we moved house. And to MEAL PLAN! Those of you who frequent my blog will know I'm already a long time meal planner, and I would be lost without it. You can see how I meal plan here.

DAY 8 - Cleaning the toy room. At one time I would have been horrified at this prospect, but since we moved house, we haven't unpacked all the toys yet. So, they are in boxes in the garage, but I think we've pulled out everything we're planning on keeping. So the toy room isn't that bad, because we haven't accumulated a huge amount of toys again yet! It gets vacuumed daily, and dusted often. I do need to work out some kind of storage for the toys, at the moment they kind of sit on the edge of the carpet near the walls. It's tidy-ish, but there's not really a place for everything. I actually am pretty sure what I'm going to do, but I'll blog about it when I get it done. Below is a typical toy room day in our house, but it all gets packed away each evening. And sometimes in the afternoons too!

That's all I needed to do for the challenge for day 8, but you can read about the declutter and organise challenges at the link.

DAY 9  - Today's cleaning challenge was the ceiling fans. I kinda got to skip this one because I can't reach them - even when I stand on a chair! So it's a job for hubby and his ladder (me+ladders+heights=fear) lol!
The declutter challenge was to sort out your junk or utensil drawer. I sorted mine, forgot to take a photo and now it looks like it was never done because my 3yo thought it was fabulous fun to mess it up! 
The organise challenge was to sort out a diary for yourself. I love my diary, I'd be completely lost without it, and rely on it to keep track of everything that goes on in our busy lives!

DAY 10  - The cleaning challenge was the dreaded OVEN!!!!! I have done a previous post on cleaning the oven here. Which wasn't even a post on how to clean the oven, but more a huge whinge about having to do it and trying to motivate myself! Luckily this time it wasn't too bad, and I stuck with using bicarb and vinegar. I do soak my oven racks in Napisan in the bath over night though, which makes them SO much easier to clean! 
Declutter was to do 2 kitchen cupboards. I'm so proud to say mine are organised and decluttered already! Moving house has it's benefits. 
Organise the Tupperware cupboard. Again, I've done a post on this before....here. I seem to have a lot more Tupperware now though (the awesome peril of being a demonstrator!) and so I think I'll re do that blog post soon and when I do I'll put it up on my Facebook page. I did clean out my Tupperware cupboard again by the way, and will put updated pics when I revamp that blog post.

DAY 11  - We're at the end of this post! (Nearly). Yesterday the challenge was to sort out the linen cupboard. I've discovered there is a good thing about not having a lot of linen....it took no time at all and is now nice and clean and tidy. I have done a post about the linen cupboard before, which talks about how I like to organise it - here.
Also on the list was cleaning the inside of the washing machine. I have a front loader that doesn't like being run without any washing in it (it's a load sensor) so I had to run some cleaning cloths through on a hot wash with some vinegar. It still worked! 

Which brings me to today.....I'm going to be SO good from now on and do a post each day on the challenge. Sorry I got a bit behind, and I'll do today's challenge in a post on it's own.

Thankyou for persevering if you got this far!

See you soon,


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