Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Cleaning the main bedroom

Good morning everyone! Just doing a quick catch up this morning with a post on my Day 2 Challenge - the main bedroom. It's just going to be a short post, I didn't need to do very much to get my bedroom sorted out. Thank goodness! Here is a run down of some of the tasks that were set for this challenge.

  • Take the sheets off the bed and wash them (my day to do all the beds is usually a Wednesday, but I did our bed a day early as part of the challenge - less to do today!).
  • Put pillows/cushions out in the sunshine to air out (I did the same with our doona).
  • Vacuum mattress
  • Flip mattress (I was due to do this anyway, so it was a good reminder to get it done).
  • Pick up all clothing off the floor (I didn't have any! Yay!)
  • Clear all paper clutter and other clutter off surfaces (again, I didn't have any!)
  • Dust (I did need to do some dusting, especially over the tv and dvd player).
  • Vacuum floors (I did the whole house and mopped as well, I ran out of time to mop on Monday)
  • Organise the top drawer of the bedside table (I really did need to do this. It did have a whole pile of junk in it that I would throw in there when I didn't know where else to put it. So lots thrown out and some more put away. All that's in there now is some books, my journal and a pen. 

As I finish reading my books, they'll go back to the bookcase, but now it gives me some space to keep a few things. When we get to clearing out the wardrobe, I'm hoping to free up the other drawers in my bedside table so I can keep some candles and other things in there too. 

So, now I have a lovely clean, tidy and organised bedroom. And today it's onto the laundry!

See you this afternoon,


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