Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Making a healthier change

Quite some time ago I used to be much healthier. I used to drink green smoothies, eat a lot of raw plant based foods, drink herbal teas and take superfood supplements. I felt SO good. And then it shifted. Slowly, probably for a number of reasons, I drifted away from eating this way and started drinking coffee again, increasing the dairy in my diet, started baking things that weren't so good for me and drank less water and indulged more frequently in alcohol in the evening. 

So now, although I can't call myself totally unhealthy, I'm not the healthiest I've ever been. I don't indulge in a lot of junk food or take away, but I see a rise in processed foods in my diet and a move away from freshness. I think it's time to make a move back in the right direction. 

Inspired to take action by a beautiful blog post over at Farrah Fair, the emergence of a facebook page by a friend of mine called Tribal Spice and the knowledge that I know exactly how to detoxify my life and start eating better, you will see a few more posts on healthy living on my blog. I mean, this blog is called The Everyday Blessings, and what is more joyful or blessed than taking the best possible care of yourself? 

So I begin today. I know from past experience that I need to start slowly. Otherwise I'll become discouraged, feel deprived, suffer massive detox withdrawals and will give up. 

And the best way to begin? Well, this morning I began my day with a cup of herbal Tulsi tea, which is just holy basil, but gives you huge amounts of energy and makes you feel revitalised. Then, I followed it with a green smoothie. What is a green smoothie? Well, be warned, they don't always look green! They are liquid goodness. Based on some kind of leafy green plant matter (spinach, lettuce, kale, mint, parsley....even celery tops!) you add whatever tastes good to you and is good FOR you, some ice and whizz it up. This morning, mine looked like this before the whizzing:

In the bottom there is a combination of baby spinach and some cos lettuce (a really good big handful), a chopped green apple (not peeled), a stray kiwi fruit that I had in the crisper, some fresh strawberries and some frozen blueberries (an incredible superfood full of antioxidants). Doesn't it look amazing? 

Then, I just added a handful of ice cubes, a little splash of filtered water to get everything going and whizzed it up. 
The result? (Get ready for it).

Sludge (thanks to the blueberries!). Hahahahaha, well, that's what it looks like, but I can promise you that it tastes phenomenal. It's like cold freshness in a glass. Starting your day like this will give you so much energy because you're effectively giving yourself a nutrient superboost.
If you think you'd prefer your green smoothie a little, um...greener, then just forgo the berries and add in something like an orange. Then you'll have that beautiful vibrant green that the word 'green smoothie' conjures up. 

So, have I inspired you to try one? I hope so, because you will be amazed at how you feel after you've started your day like this. 

Will I see you back here at lunchtime? I have a simple but lovely salad planned with a recipe for a dressing that is sublime. 

Have a beautiful day,


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  1. Good luck on getting back to your old healthy ways! I'm gonna try to see if they have Tulsi tea (holy basil) over here. I love tea and would like something to help energize me!