Monday, 17 September 2012

My Cleaning Kit

I'm doing so many posts on cleaning lately, that I thought it was only fair to share what I use to clean with! These are some of my favourite products that I think do the job well and save me time. Please note - I am not sponsored by anybody to promote these products, they are my personal preferences only and are subject to change as I try other things!

So, perhaps a look first? And then we can talk about what's in there.

This is my cleaning kit. The whole thing is in a caddy (like a bucket I guess) that I found in Woolworths for about $7. Hiding behind the Viva wipes is a handle, and everything fits around it nicely. I can carry this from room to room when I'm cleaning. When I'm all done, I simply put the cloths into the wash, replace them with clean ones and I'm ready to go again next time. This bucket is a fantastic time saver because I can just grab and go.

So, what's in it? Let's start at the back with the orange packet and work our way around clockwise.

  • The orange packet is Woolworths Select Kitchen and Bath wipes. This is the first time I've bought them as they were on special and I wanted to try them. I'm finding them good for the days I give the bathroom a quick once over. I don't need to dirty a cloth, I just wipe over the benchtops and bath then I'm done. So they do come in handy.
  • The white bottle is Jif. I alternate between Jif and Gumption. I use this with a scrubbing brush to do the tiles on the floor of the shower. It lifts all the gunk out of the grout nice and quickly.
  • Then my favourite. Windex. This bottle is Windex Surface and Glass. I also have a bottle of Windex Kitchen (for the kitchen, lol!). I find Windex is by far the best multipurpose spray I have ever tried. It's fantastic and is definitely a keeper.
  • The pink brush is a Tupperware Tumbler Brush. I'm a Tupperware demonstrator, so I can order these and they are great for getting in hard to reach places, such as corners and window tracks. An old toothbrush is also great though. 
  • Blue scrubbing brush. Just a cheapie I picked up at Big W for $2. 
  • The packet that says Viva is a pack of Viva Shower Fast wipes. I love these. I have glass shower screens and I just rub these over the glass to remove all the build up then rinse with water. The glass sparkles! So easy to use. I also use them for any hard to remove marks in the sink.
  • The little blue and white cloths in the front there are Viva Glass and Mirror wipes. Yes, I am a Viva fan :) These little cloths have changed my world. We have enormous mirrors in the bathrooms (and the glass shower screens) and I hate streaky mirrors. There is nothing worse than cleaning a mirror and it not looking flawless. You just dampen the blue cloth and wipe it over the mirror then use the white one (dry) and go over the top. I was amazed at how beautiful it left my mirrors. They are fantastic. I also use them for my stainless steel fixtures too. 
  • Green Chux cloth. Just a great all purpose cloth that are very easy to throw into the washing machine and use again. Saves money too!
  • The red one is a Chux Collections microfibre cloth. Microfibre cloths are great for dusting walls, dusting in general and wiping down surfaces. They can be used damp or dry and I use mine often. Usually for the walls in the bathrooms!
  • Then just a Chux all purpose sponge/scourer. For any stubborn marks I may come across. 

And that's it! Here's another picture that shows the handle of the caddy better.

I just love anything that makes my life easier. And this little kit certainly does that! Do you have a cleaning kit? I'd love to see yours :)

 Happy Cleaning!


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  1. very well organized..i always make sure that my house would smell good specially my bathroom..i want that everything will be look good..