Sunday, 9 September 2012

Spring Cleaning

 Well, it is Spring! Blue skies, washing waving on the line and a cool breeze. It feels strange talking about spring, because living in the tropics, we don't really have spring! But, the arrival of this season in southern states usually coincides with the cool dry season ending and a hint of the build up (the beginning of our hottest time of the year) appears. Now, for those of you who have just shivered through winter, spring is a wonderful time to throw open those windows, let in that scented air and freshen up your home in time to spend those summer months outdoors. 
For those of you in the tropics with me, this time of year is a good time to give your home a good clean to get rid of the dust that may have blown in and accumulated during our dry season. It's good to get rid of it now while it's still dry! Once that humidity sets in and the rain begins, that dust will absorb moisture and that's where mould begins. 

So, I've compiled a list of tasks to do around the house that are appropriate for this time of year. They are outside of the normal cleaning routine, so they're not intended to be done all in one day or even one month! Spread them out over the season if you wish, so when the season changes again you are ready with a fresh and clean home. 

- Clean Windows: It is amazing how much brighter your home feels when the windows sparkle. It lets more light in and gives a clearer view of the outside world and makes you want to throw open those curtains!

- Wash Curtains and Blinds: Throwing open the curtains to let in the light is a much nicer thing to do when they're not loaded with dust, small cobwebs and full of grimy marks from little hands. Wash the dust out so you're not breathing it in and you'll have a happier and healthier household. 

- Clean Carpets and Rugs: Lots of dust likes to hide in carpets. Plus there's always the possibility of hidden mould in the fibres from things being spilled. The change in season is a good time to hire a professional or hire a steam cleaner to go over all your carpet and rugs and get rid of those nasties. 

- Clean the Refrigerator: This can be a big job if you've left it too long between cleans. But it's never too late to sort it out and makes meal planning so much easier. Mine is due to be done soon, so I'll update my refrigerator post with a few more photos as I clean it out. 

- Dust your Light Fixtures: A build up of dust in a light fixture isn't just unhealthy for your family when it all filters down on top of everyone, it can be dangerous because light fixtures get hot. Clean them twice a year to remove any build up that occurs. 

- Clean Ceiling Fans: Once ceiling fans get very dirty they start flinging it everywhere! Avoid this and give them a good wipe over with some mild detergent and water. Just remember to turn them off first! :) 

- Clean Skirting Boards: We often forget about our skirting boards, and it really makes such a difference to the look of a room when they're done! They're a good thing to add to your spring cleaning list. 

- Clean the Oven: Chances are the oven has had a good workout over the winter months and this is a job that is often put off. It's not the most pleasant of tasks, but if you do it seasonally, it will be much easier than if you put it off for 6 or 8 months!

- Organise the Pantry: If you haven't done it recently, getting your pantry organised is such a good feeling. It's nice to keep order in your home, inside and out. It's also a good chance to look over the canned food you may have stockpiled over the winter months and start using them up in preparation for summer cooking.       

I'm going to be focusing on these tasks in more detail in the coming weeks, letting you know how I tackle my spring cleaning. 
Enjoy brushing off the dreariness of the cooler months and welcoming in the warmer weather. 


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