Wednesday, 5 September 2012

How to make your laundry sparkle

Well, I have completed today's task in the 20 Day Cleaning and Organising Challenge, that Katrina is running over at The Organised Housewife. Today was cleaning the laundry and some associated tasks. Here are the things that I did:

  • Cleaned the laundry sink and taps
- I used Windex and a chux cloth then used a microfibre cloth to polish over the stainless steel fitting.
  • Wiped over all surfaces (luckily I don't really have any)
- Those surfaces I did have I used Windex and a chux cloth.
  • Wiped over the washing machine and dryer
- Again, good old Windex. It cleans SO well, it's my staple cleaner in the house.
  • Used the brush attachment on the vacuum to clean the dryer of all lint and fluff
  • Washed the window
- I used some warm soapy water to wash the window, then used Viva Glass and Mirror Wipes to go over the windows to make them streak free.  
  • Dusted all the walls
I used a Chux reusable microfibre cloth
  • Vacuumed and mopped the floor

The organising task was to get a laundry routine in place. I sort of already have one, I put on one load a day and then on the day I strip the beds I wash all the bedding and on the day I clean the bathroom I wash all the towels and bathmats. But it occurred to me today that I have a huge cupboard in the laundry and I'm only using one shelf. I store all my cleaning products and laundry powder nice and high so that my small children can't get to them, and that leaves about four big shelves underneath that are empty. I'm thinking about getting some tubs or baskets to label and use to sort my washing. Perhaps darks, coloureds, whites and towels/sheets? Hmmm, might have to see what Martha thinks about it. I might have to check out her laundry systems and get some more ideas. 

Then the decluttering task was to declutter the laundry pile. I am up to date with my washing at the moment, so I don't need to worry about that. Luckily. 

So, do you want to see some piccies of the finished result? 

Nice and clean and organised! I am loving this challenge, I'm really cleaning things properly, not just giving them a once over and it's nice to have some direction. Then all I'll need to do is schedule the bigger tasks into my calendar so I don't miss them in the future!

 See you tomorrow! I wonder what the next challenge will be?


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  1. Looks great! You've inspired me to get the vacuum out for my dryer! :)