Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Cleaning under the kitchen sink

I'm a bit behind, aren't I? I have been busily doing the Organised Housewife's 20 day cleaning and organising challenge (you'll find the button in the sidebar). So, before I get going on cleaning under the kitchen sink, I'll quickly fill you all in on what I've been doing!

The last pre challenge task was goal setting. I'm admittedly a terrible goal setter! But, I did decide to set myself a few. These were goals we hope to achieve by the end of the challenge. Okay, I set myself two. But they're biggish ones, and ones that have been bothering me for quite some time! 
The first one is ORGANISING MY PANTRY. This job is soooooo overdue it's not funny. And I have all the containers etc (or most of them) to do it. I just need to do it!!! I have a feeling this will be a future task in the 20 day challenge, so I'm glad about that. I promise to do a full blog post on my pantry when I get it done.
The second one is ORGANISING MY LINEN/STORAGE CUPBOARDS. Unlike my last house, I'm lucky enough to have an abundance of storage space in the form of cupboards. But, this has resulted in me just throwing things in there when they don't seem to have a home. It's not atrocious, but it does need to be sorted out and I need to work out some long term storage solutions to keep it all organised. I have a few ideas so I'll let you know when I get to it.

Day 1 of the challenge was the kitchen. Now, it wasn't doing absolutely everything in the kitchen, but it was a general clean and tidy up including cleaning the microwave and decluttering and organising The Cupboard Under The Sink. None of this challenge really bothered me, luckily I've been pretty up to date with my housework thanks to my routines, and they really have been a sanity saver. My dishes were up to date, I had a clean and tidy kitchen every night, and most things were in order. I did need to clean my microwave though, so it was great to get that done. And I REALLY needed to sort out the cupboard under the sink. You know, the one that you go to all the time to retrieve cleaning products, cloths, bin bags etc but can never find what you need because it's all just a big mess? Yep, that one. I did take photos as I went along, but I'll show you the end result first, just because I like looking at it :)

It's nice, isn't it? And I can find everything!!! It's awesome.
But, I know you want to see the mess, don't you? Well, I admit I forgot to take a messy cupboard shot, I was so excited about cleaning it up! But I remembered when it was all out on the bench.

And, there was more on the other bench too. Blergh. Not very soothing for the soul at all. So, I sorted through that mess, and threw some things out that I hadn't touched for the last 6 months (whether it was because the product didn't work, or I just didn't need it ) and put some of the rarely used items in the laundry, like the BBQ cleaner, the bleach, etc. Then, I wiped out the cupboards.

So they were nice and shiny and clean. Then I went to the supermarket and bought some of those little white plastic baskets to put all my cloths and things into so I can see exactly what is there and how many of everything I have. A VERY handy thing when I'm doing my shopping list!! 
Here's the pretty one again :)

I love it. It just makes things SO much easier. I'll do a post later on about what's in this cupboard and what I use it for. I have some favourite things I like to use and they're working quite well at the moment. 

Now, today's task was the main bedroom, but I'll do a quick catch up post on that tomorrow. then tomorrow I'm onto the laundry, which I'm quite excited about because my laundry is pretty darn good! So there won't be too much to do. But I'll fill you all in tomorrow and then I'll be back to blogging daily again. I have lots of ideas for posts coming up that I'm excited to share :)

Have a lovely evening,



  1. After reading your laundry post I saw the next two! My sister told me about hte 20 day challenge - you are doing a great job! Keep it up! :) I might have to make a late entry! :)

  2. Thanks Rebekah! It's a great challenge and I'm really enjoying it :)

  3. Somehow over the course of 9 months, underneath my kitchen sink had become a place even my cat wouldn’t venture. It smelled funny, it was disorganized and cluttered, and no one knew what was under each layer of “stuff”. But that has all changed now!Thank you!!!