Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

A new year has begun. And it's a time for goals and resolutions to be made. I have neglected my blog for quite a while now. There's a few reasons for that. Firstly, I just don't seem to have time. Secondly, I haven't been able to think what to blog about. I know I said when I began this space of mine that I'd fill it with lovely little moments of my life - and there have been many - but I don't record them. I don't take the photographs nor do I take the time to write it all down. There is one big reason for that that seems to have affected many parts of my life over this past year.


I have none. At all. My home is so chaotic that I can't think past the pile of laundry or the mess on the kitchen bench. I have learned over the years that I am much MUCH happier in a clean and tidy home. Everything else just falls into place because I'm happy and content. My mind is clearer, I feel more motivated, more energised and just happier in general. 
So, if I know this, why don't I just keep my house in order? I hear many of you asking this and I'll tell you why. Another single word.


Let me explain. 
I am actually quite good at cleaning and tidying. Once I get started I actually ENJOY it. Yes, you heard me right. I find keeping house quite soothing. I love being organised. Love it. And when the motivation hits me I can keep it up for weeks and weeks at a time. I am the modern day Martha Stewart when the mood takes me. But (and it's a big But), I don't maintain it. Inevitably I fall into a hole and everything goes down the drain. All that work and effort completely wasted because I let it go to waste. And the above word is the reason why. I have no strategies to keep everything in place. I have no laundry system, I have no cleaning schedule, I forget birthdays and anniversaries because I don't keep a diary or calendar. I get to a point where I think I'm 'done' so I just stop. If I had some strategies and routines in place I'd just check them and carry on (I hope).

So. I have made a big New Year's Resolution. To be organised. To maintain my home (needed for my sanity) and to learn how to become actually organised, not just able to clean a home. To implement strategies and routines so that my family's life (and therefore my own) runs more smoothly. I know how much happier I am when all this is happening. I'd like to find a way to make it permanent. I have looked at and followed various housekeeping websites and blogs and have gained many great ideas. But I think until I try things out my own way I'm invariably going to fall into a hole trying to follow what works for other people. I need to find my own way. 

So I remembered my blog. What better way to document how I go with my resolution this year. I'll be setting myself daily challenges and tasks to complete and who knows what else? It will make me blog every day (something I find soothing in itself). It will make me document my family life more because I'll be blogging! AND most importantly, it will give me something to look back on when I feel motivation slipping and will be able to show myself exactly what I've achieved and how I can do things better. 

Feel free to hold me accountable to this! I'd love it if you followed my progress and give me a kick in the butt if I slip up! This resolution is important to me. I need to form new habits and that only takes time. 

Take care, 



  1. How lovely to read this, looking forward to sharing a year of blogging with you x

  2. Shall we leave the CHAOS behind us this year? tackle Mount Washmore? Go shine your sink Nadia, it's time we started again!

  3. I feel exactly the same. Flylady has helped me with strategies. I admit I don't keep my sink shiny but the dishes are being done even without a dishwasher :) the clothes are being washed and the house is getting a general tidy over. It's not perfect but it's baby steps and so far its working. I gradually build on things. I also remind myself that a job done not perfectly is still a job done :)

  4. Kestrel - it's going to be a great year of blogging! I'm very excited about it!

    Kaz - Chaos will be GONE this year! I'm actually starting the new year with a clean house, so my sink is already shiny :) I couldn't bear to start my year of organisation in a huge mess, so we all got stuck in as a family in the days between Christmas and New Year.

    Veronica - That's exactly right. As long as you're moving and doing something then things are getting done! I admire you for doing dishes without a dishwasher! Mine broke for a while there and I felt like my world ended, lol!