Saturday, 7 January 2012

* Let's Do It * - Organise the Tupperware cupboard

I've decided to change the wording on my blog slightly. I'm starting to feel the word 'task' doesn't exactly fill me with excitement to go and get it done. It makes it sound like a chore, rather than something positive for me and my home. So, I'm going to be renaming my 'task' posts and instead they are going to be my 'Let's Do It' posts. It sounds more positive, more focused, and hopefully will have me racing to get it done!

So, today, let's organise the Tupperware cupboard (it's not strictly all Tupperware, but I grew up with my mum calling her plastics cupboard the 'Tupperware cupboard' so it just kind of stuck). 

I promised a before and an after shot of this, so here goes!

 It was a bit on the messy side, don't you think? It was helped on it's way enormously by my 'helpful' 2 year old, who loves emptying out my cupboard and playing with everything. It's not uncommon to have to search the toybox for missing containers! 
I try not to get too worried about how it's looking. I usually like to have all my lids stored in a big container and stack my containers, bowls and things neatly together.
It did get to the point though that I couldn't find what I was looking for (which you can clearly see from the photo above) and I was spending far too much time with my head inside a cupboard searching for a random piece of plastic. 

The whole exercise took me about 20 minutes from start to finish, including giving the shelves a wipe down, so it wasn't time consuming at all. 

One thing I have learned from being a Tupperware demonstrator is that you should never seal your containers and store them with their lids on as this can trap smells and even create mould inside both the container and in the grooves of the seals. Especially if there is still a bit of moisture in the container somewhere.

Here it is all finished!

 Much better I think! I find corner cupboards quite difficult to organise because of their odd shape, but I'm quite pleased with it this time :)
 Now to keep my 2 year old away from it!

Take care,



  1. Nice work! Mine currently resembles your before post lol and I can't find anything. I don't have the excuse of my 2 yr old because we put a gate up on the kitchen to stop him getting in. I really need to pull my finger out, looks so much better and way more organised.

  2. Not being able to find things was driving me crazy! You should definitely do it, it doesn't take very long!

  3. Does it still look like this? Mine resembles the before shot and whenever I clean it up and stays that way for about 2 days only. ugh.