Tuesday, 10 January 2012

* Let's Do It * - Sorting the Linen Cupboard

Hello, it's lovely to see you all again :) Today I'm doing a post on sorting out my linen cupboard. Like the other cupboards in the house I've sorted so far, my linen cupboard definitely needed some attention! I had towels shoved on top of sheets, shoved on top of pillowcases, shoved on top of doona covers...you get the idea. 

My linen cupboard is tiny. It's the tiniest one I've ever had in a house to date. It's beyond me how someone could build a large home and have a tiny linen cupboard?? Anyway. It's what I have so I will work with it as best I can. 

I decided to use an idea that I've seen on various sites around the place, and one a good friend of mine uses for her linen to keep it tidy. I'm sure this is old news to many, but the brilliance of it astounded me when I first heard about it, so I've decided to share it here. 

  • Sort your linen into their matching sets then fold them all up and store them inside a pillowcase that is part of that set. Amazing! Genius! I thought.

So, that's exactly what I did. I found at the end of it I even had an old mismatched set I put together of an old doona cover, fitted sheet and pillowcase. At least if it's together and I need to grab a spare set (like if one of the kids get sick) then I have one on hand. 

I also put together a bag of an old doona set and some placemats to give to charity. I haven't even looked at these items in the last year, so I definitely won't be needing them!
So, my towels are folded neatly, I can grab a complete bed set at a moments notice (WITHOUT having to rummage!) and it's all nice and neat and organised!

I am so proud of myself with how I'm going with my resolution to be organised this year! I still have a long way to go, but so far so good and it feels terrific!

Now I'm off to vacuum and mop my floors, then all my housework is done for the day and I have a free afternoon in my lovely ordered home :)

See you all tomorrow! I'm thinking with a recipe for something different, what do you think?


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