Sunday, 8 January 2012

* Let's Do It * - Tidying MY wardrobe!

This was a job I just couldn't put off any longer. I needed to do a serious cull and was having trouble sifting through clothes I no longer wear just to find something I liked. A complete waste of my time! I had clothes in there that I no longer wear because they're either too big or too small, plus my body shape has changed slightly since having my fourth baby so things that looked good before I had him just don't anymore. 
My taste in clothing has changed a bit in the last 12 months too. So, definitely time for a wardrobe revamp! Like when I did the kids wardrobe, I pulled everything out of my wardrobe in big piles on my bed to be sorted. 
They were sorted a bit like this:
  • things to be kept
  • things to go to charity
  • things to be sold (just a couple of good quality maternity things and a formal dress)
Of course, I had help -

Then everything I decided to keep was folded neatly or hung up and put away. It is such a relief to open the cupboard doors now and see this -
 And this - 

 It's definitely not perfect, and could be sorted into better piles, but they are odd shaped shelves and can't really hold multiple piles, so for now this will have to do :)

See you tomorrow!



  1. Great job! I wouldn't know where to begin with mine but I like how you organised it all in piles. You are inspiring me to get in and do those jobs that always get looked over :) Thanks Nadia.

  2. I'm glad you're feeling inspired! I hung everything that needed hanging then have a pile of tops, a pile of skirts, one of shorts/pants and one of winter jumpers. At least I know roughly where to look! I'm going to be researching better ways to organise it though :)