Monday, 2 January 2012

Daily Cleaning List and some other things

I've been working out a daily cleaning list of things to do that will maintain all the hard work I've put into cleaning my house. I hope it will keep it clean with a fairly minimal effort, leaving me time to do a new task each day (or couple of days depending on how big the task is).
I'll probably add to the list, or remove things as I work my way into a routine that works for me. 
So far I've come up with:
  • Dishes (these get done during the course of the day as needed so by the end of the day the dishwasher is all loaded and ready to go with no dirty dishes on the bench or in the sink).
  • Wipe down kitchen benches/stovetop and generally keep the kitchen clean as I use it.
  • Bathrooms - wiping down benches, sinks, showers and toilets quickly and giving the glass a once over.
  • Any laundry that needs doing.
  • A quick vacuum of the floors with my Ergorapido cordless vacuum.
  • Dust/wipe down any main surfaces.
  • Make beds.
  • Pack away toys and tidy playroom.
That's it so far, but I'm sure I'll be adding to it as I go along. Some things I'll only do weekly or monthly  though, so as I work out those lists I'll do a new post for them.

Some other things I plan to include in the blog (and my life!) as I go along are:
  • Meal planning (it's been sooo long since I did this properly and it's high time I got back into it)
  • Organising my diary and calendar for the year (I'll be doing this one fairly soon).
  • Big projects like cleaning out my wardrobe, sorting my linen cupboard, washing windows and window tracks, and decluttering cupboards I haven't opened in ages.
And I'm sure I'll come across more things to do in various areas of my life as well. 
The oven went well today by the way. The vinegar and bicarb certainly did the trick, although with my disgraceful oven I had to do two applications and it could really use a third. I'll make cleanng my oven a monthly thing though I think so the job won't be as big next time!

Take care all and see you tomorrow morning with a new task!



  1. Thanks for popping over to me and leaving a kind comment. I hope you succeed in keeping to your organised list of chores - I never do and tend to work on the principle that I don't do housework unless I can actually see the difference when I've done it! I am quite a tidy person though and seem to spend my life tidying up although it never stays like it and we suffer from what another blogger calls "flat surface syndrome" ie things get piled on every flat surface!! I'll be following your ideas in future via your posts.

  2. Hi, thanks for coming over and taking a look at my blog! We also suffer from 'flat surface syndrome' at our place (what a great name, lol!). I look forward to visiting you at your blog too :)

  3. Hello Nadia! Thank you for popping over to my blog. I think organise is a great word to have. I need to get some organisation in my life this year too especially with household chores! So far I change the bed linen every monday and clean the bathroom on a Thursday and that is as far as the structure goes!!! We also have 'flat surface syndrome' here too!

  4. Hi Simone, lovely to see you here! I don't even have a set day to change linen yet, so you're a step ahead of me :) It's all to come though!