Wednesday, 4 January 2012

* Let's Do It * - Tidying the kids wardrobe

Well, what a day! A day spent completely at home but one that was entirely productive and lovely. I had promised my 3 yo daughter that I would bake biscuits with her this morning, so we did. Three kinds. Chocolate chip, Cherry and Sprinkles. It's always great fun baking with little ones and she had such fun tipping the flour and sugar into the bowl. So did my 2 yo little boy, but I did spend a lot of my time moving packets out of his reach and stopping him from sticking his fingers into the bowl every ten seconds. 
Then an electrician came by to replace a ceiling fan and I got to my general daily cleaning from my list. Meal planning and a grocery list for tomorrow was fit in there somewhere too.
Finally, I had time to do the wardrobe. Oh my, what a mess! Clothes that were long outgrown, clothes we had been given but hadn't sorted through, clothes that are for every day (when we could find them!), clothes that are for special occasions, new clothes from Christmas and winter clothes that are not needed right now! A LOT of clutter in that wardrobe.

So, with my two little helpers I pulled out shelf after shelf of clothes. Oh yes, old baby blankets too. There were piles of stuff! So I sorted through them into the following piles:
  • Clothes that we are keeping - a skirt pile, a dress pile (which will be hung in the wardrobe when I buy some hangers tomorrow), shorts piles, tshirt get the idea.
  • Clothes we are donating to charity. This includes baby blankets too. 
  • Clothes to give away to friends with younger children who might have use of them.
  • Clothes that are stained but still fit - these went to the laundry into a bucket of Napisan Oxi Action to be soaked (perhaps in vain but we'll see).
Well, there were two whole garbage bags full of clothes going to charity. As well as a big bag of clothes to give away. And the rest went neatly back into the wardrobe.
 Aaahhh. Neat and tidy once more. Dressing my youngest two will be so much easier and less time consuming in the mornings now, and I love saving time! If you could imagine these shelves stuffed full of clothes (and this is only half the wardrobe) then you have some idea of the decluttering I did! 
And I have still to do my older two's wardrobes but I'll enlist their help so that will wait for another day. 
I hope you all had equally productive days!



  1. Hi Nadia I just became a follower :) I enjoyed the read and its a good way to be closer to family I never get to see......

  2. Hey Jules, lovely to have you here! Love you xxx

  3. Looks so nice and tidy. I need to do the same for my son's clothes.

  4. Thanks muddledupmumma :) I went over and checked out your blog - it's lovely! But I wanted to leave a comment and couldn't see where to click at the end of the post to do so.

  5. Briliant! I love a good wardrobe purge!

    1. Me too! Feels so good every time you open that door :)