Tuesday, 16 August 2011


I love mornings. Once I've peeled back my eyelids and resigned myself to the fact I'm not getting any more sleep, it's truly my favourite time of day. The Little Ones hop into our bed first thing for some cartoon watching (with some dozing for me) but before long they're itching to get up and start our day.
I love the bustle of our mornings. The Little Ones are happy and bubbly, rediscovering all their toys and things, because the night was ever so long don't you know, and everything is new and fresh.

It's cool in the mornings at the moment. Cool enough to sit outside with a light jacket on and enjoy a hot cuppa in the pale grey light. 
I love my mug. I found it in a homeware store for the bargain price of $5.95 and just love it. It's so cheery and happy with all its bright flowers, don't you think? It's a definite favourite of the moment, and here to stay for a while as my morning mug.

I sit in my chair and look over the backyard. We have a tall Grevillea tree in the front yard and the top of it peeks up over the fence. I get a great view of Rainbow Lorikeets playing in the top of it every morning. They arrive each morning without fail in all their beautiful noisiness, making such a racket and they're so fun to watch.

I also especially love watching the sun creep across the backyard, ever so slowly, like this 
 Also usually at some point I say hello to my little food garden and see how it's growing

 Coming along nicely, I think! I have tomatoes, pumpkin plants and mint. The Little Ones have stayed away from the tomatoes so far, but luckily they're in pots (the tomatoes, not the Little Ones) so I think I might move them out the front once they start to turn red, because I can just imagine how exciting that will be and I'm not sure they will survive (again, the tomatoes....................................yes, just the tomatoes).

At some point I have to drag myself indoors, do breakfast and all the normal morning-y things that are required of a Mummy. 
But I did enjoy sharing my mornings with you! Please come back soon x