Friday, 12 August 2011

Little Hands

Little hands have been busy at our house today. It never ceases to amaze me the flurry of activity those chubby little fingers can create. Always doing, doing, doing. Holding, poking, lifting, pushing, pulling, tickling, clapping, throwing, opening, closing...the list goes on and it's always constant. As small people explore their world touch helps them to make sense of what they see. 

Today these hands have been:

- Helping to load the washing machine and dishwasher
- Lifting fruit and vegetables from our basket to the shop counter
- Holding my hands
- Learning to use a plastic knife and cut up some play dough
- Folding some washing with me
- Reaching up for a cuddle
- Playing 'Open Shut Them'...a lot of times
- Throwing a ball as high as they can
- Cooking up a storm in the toy kitchen
and pushing toy cars along the ground, brmm brmming as they go

Have little hands been busy at your house?

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