Thursday, 30 August 2012

My Evening Routine

Hello again! I'm chiming in late today with this blog post because today has been so busy! I love it though, I got lots done around the house and all my washing is now completely up to date. It's a good feeling. 

It's time for my next post for the 20 Days to Organise and Clean your home challenge that Katrina from The Organised Housewife is running. It's still not too late to join, just click on the link above or on the button I have in my sidebar. 
So, today's 'pre challenge' challenge (lol) is creating an evening routine. Like the morning routine, I already have one of these in place, so I'll take this opportunity to discuss it in more detail. Here we go!

3:30pm - Big kids have their showers and change into after school clothes.
4:30pm - Put on the last load of washing for the day.

5:30pm - Dinner time. 

6:00pm - Clean up kitchen, stack dishwasher, wipe benches and take rubbish out if needed. Peg washing or put it in the dryer.

6:30pm - Shower or bath the little ones and have story time.

7:00pm - Put little ones to bed.

7:20pm - Make school lunches for the next day and make sure uniforms are ready. 

8:00pm - Big kids bedtime.

8:10pm onwards - My quiet time!

As you can see, my evening routine is pretty cruisy. I've already gotten most things done during the day, so that frees up my time a fair bit by the end of it. Because we have four children in the house, I get the older kids to have their showers early because they're less likely to be dirty by bedtime and it makes for less rushing after dinner trying to get everyone ready for bed.
You'll notice that there are some fairly large gaps between the times in my routine. That's simply because we tend to slow down at the end of the day. I'll have a drink and a chat with hubby, or he may help me with a job I couldn't do on my own during the day. The kids will watch tv, or play outside or read. It also means if things are running behind, then there's plenty of time to catch up! 
I love our slow evenings. Everything is done and the kitchen and house is clean and tidy ready for the morning. 

Let me know about your evening routine!


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